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Jennet Thomas


Maldoror/Mervyn/Paul Tarrago
Aghone/Stefan Szczelkun
Music:"Shorty's Lament"/The Residents
Everything else done by Jennet

To disrupt your laziness, put the resources of goodwill to use, walk beside me and do not loose sight of this madman - his head crowned with tupperware, his hand armed with a stick who drives before him one who you would have difficulty recognising, did I not take care to warn you, and whispering in your ear recall the name pronounced Mervyn! How changed he is! Hands tied behind his back, he walks straight ahead as if he were going to the scaffold, and yet he is guilty of no crime. They have reached Nelson's column. From the entablature of the massive column, standing where Nelson should have been, more than 50 metres above ground level, a man waves. He throws down a rope which falls right down to the ground, onto the feet of Aghone. With practise one does a thing quickly: but I may say the latter did not take long to tie Mervyn's feet to the end of the line.

The rhinoceros had learned of what was about to happen. Covered with sweat, it appeared puffing and blowing at the corner of Whitehall. It did not even have the satisfaction of joining the fray. The character who was scanning the neighbourhood from the top of the column cocked his revolver, and took careful aim.


Jennet Thomas

Born in 1963 in Hertfordshire, England, the daughter of a physicist, I am uncommonly small for my age. For the last seven years I have been making films, videos and performance pieces that develop my own idiosyncratic fusion of experimental writing/storytelling, stop frame animation, film tricks, and digital video special effects. I also make paintings.

I am a founder member of the Exploding Cinema: Set up in 1991, we are a non profit collective of film and video makers, with which I have toured my work several times throughout Europe and the U.S. through a variety of underground film and performance club scenes.

My work has also been screened and performed internationally at more "over ground" venues, most recently at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, and makes regular appearances on the international Underground/ Experimental Film Festival Scene. I earn a living by being a part time lecturer at Wimbledon School of Art and live in Nunhead with a black cat called Olive and Paul Tarrago.