To disrupt your laziness, put the resources of goodwill to use, walk beside me and do not loose sight of this madman - his head crowned with tupperware, his hand armed with a stick who drives before him one who you would have difficulty recognising, did I not take care to warn you, and whispering in your ear recall the name pronounced Mervyn! How changed he is! Hands tied behind his back, he walks straight ahead as if he were going to the scaffold, and yet he is guilty of no crime. They have reached Nelson's column. From the entablature of the massive column, standing where Nelson should have been, more than 50 metres above ground level, a man waves. He throws down a rope which falls right down to the ground, onto the feet of Aghone. With practise one does a thing quickly: but I may say the latter did not take long to tie Mervyn's feet to the end of the line.

The rhinoceros had learned of what was about to happen. Covered with sweat, it appeared puffing and blowing at the corner of Whitehall. It did not even have the satisfaction of joining the fray. The character who was scanning the neighbourhood from the top of the column cocked his revolver, and took careful aim. The commodore, who had been begging in the streets since the day when what he took to be his son's madness began, and the mother-who because of her pallor was called The Daughter of Snow - interposed their own breasts to shield the Rhinoceros. Useless pains. The bullet drilled it's hide like a gimlet; one might have imagined, that death must infallibly occur. But we knew that into this pachyderm the substance of the Lord had entered. He withdrew with chagrin.

The man on the column , with a quick flick of the wrist, pulled towards him the line thus ballasted. Put out of perpendicular, it's oscillations swing Mervyn too and fro, head downwards. The jailbird with his right hand imparts to the youth an accelerated motion of uniform rotation, in a plain parallel to the axis of the column. The sling hisses in space; Mervyn's body follows it everywhere, ever distanced from the centre by centrifugal force, ever keeping it's mobile and equidistant position in an ariel circumference independent of matter. The civilised savage gradually lets go - right to it's far end.

This movement has the effect of changing the original plane of the rope's revolution, and increasing it's already quite considerable tensile stress. Henceforeward it turns majestically on a horizontal plane, after passing successively in an imperceptible progression through several oblique planes. The right angle formed by the column and the vegital yarn has equal sides! The renegade's arm and the murderous instrument have merged in linear unity, like the atomistic elements of a ray of light penetrating the camera obscura. The theorems of mechanics permit me to talk thus; alas it is known that one force added to another force yields a resultant composed of the sum of the two original forces!

Who would dare assert that the linear line would have broken already but for the vigour of the athlete, but for the good quality of the hemp? ... Maldoror at the same time abruptly arrests his attained speed, opens his hand and lets go the rope. Mervyn, followed by the cord, resembles a comet trailing after it its flaming tail. In the course of the parabola the doomed man cleaves the air as far as Kensington, passes it by virtue of propulsive force - which I take to be infinite, and his body hits the dome of the Royal Albert Hall. There upon its spherical and convex surface area which resembles an orange only in shape, at any hour of the day or night a wasted skeleton may be seen, stuck hanging. When the wind blows it, the people of Kensington, for fear of a similar fate, are reported to say a short prayer: these are trifling rumours which one isn't obliged to believe, only fit for scaring little children: go and see for yourselves if you are loath to believe me.