Each night, at the hour when sleep is at its deepest I draw from the depths of my nest the various parts of my body and head with measured tread towards your bed. Can you feel the whole of your body paralysed as I swarm over your blossoming breast and thence up to the skin that covers your face, as I grip your throat with my legs and suck your blood with my belly. Do you hope that this very night will see the last performance of the immense suction...well...it is not yet time to stop torturing, first the condemned man must be given plausible reasons that fix the perpetuality of the torment. An Archangel, descended from heaven, and the Lord's messenger ordered me to turn into a spider and come every night to suck at your throat untill a command from on high halted the punishment's course.

You yourself understood that it was better to submit to this irrevocable decree. The time has come...I shall not make you wait long for the explanations you desire..you are listening to me are you not ? I, Elsseneur, saw you for the first time and from that moment I could not forget you. I lowered my eyes because I saw in yours a supernatural flame. I wondered if, under the cover of some dark night you had secretly dropped down to us from the surface of a star. You were so unlike the wild boars of humanity...noticing my hesitation you blushed in your turn and held out your hand..... We walked through thick groves of lentisk, jasmine, pomegranate and orange trees whose odours intoxicated us. At nightfall we arrived before the gates of a populuos city. Memory is sometimes more bitter than the event.....my resistance was practically nil....suffice you to know that this betrayal made me long to seek death. Awake Maldoror ! The mesmeric spell that has weighed upon your cerebro-spinal system for two lustra of nights , vanishes.