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Maldoror/Duncan Reekie
Man/Steven Eastwood
Woman/Colette Rouhier
Camera/C. Rouhier/Duncan Reekie
Thanks to Paul Tarrago and TV

I sought a soul that might resemble mine, and I could not find it. I scanned all the crannies of the earth: my perseverance was useless. Yet I could not remain alone. There had to be someone who would approve of my character; there had to be someone with the same ideas as myself. It was morning. The sun in all his magnificence rose on the horizon, and behold, there also appeared before my eyes a young man whose presence made flowers grow as he passed. He approached me and held out his hand: "I have come to you, you who seek me." Let us give thanks for this happy day." But I replied: "Go! I did not summon you. I do not need your friendship..."

It was evening. Night was beginning to spread the blackness of her veil over nature. A beautiful woman whom I could scarcely discern also exerted her bewitching sway upon me and looked at me with compassion. She did not, however, dare speak to me.


duncan reekie

Duncan Reekie

Duncan Reekie is the originator of this project. An original founder member of the Exploding Cinema Collective he has written the acclaimed book Subversion: A Definition of Underground Cinema.
He is well known in the London Underground scene for his unique rants (one of which has been translated into Czech!) and films which always go down well with the audiences. He lives in South London with his wife and daughter.

His films include:
When I Got Stuck in The Yard
Projector Girl
Only the Only
Destroy All Mobsters
More Than Normal
The Champ
World of Art

and his rant/performances include

Fuck Off Avant Gardist
The Faith Crippler
The New World
Son of Sam
Animal Friends
On Forest Hill
How We Are Born
England My Frankenstein
Hand O Cash
The Exploding Cinema website comprises much of his written work.

Like many of the Exploders, he has shown films across Europe, in the States and Japan including a programme of work at the recent Sensations exhibition in New York City. He also put together the video compilation Vacuum, a sampler of Exploding Cinema films. This summer will find Mr Reekie in Falmouth finishing off his phd and shooting a Super 8 horror film in any spare time he has.