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Maldoror/Colette Rouhier
Mario/Chris McGoldrick
Sleeping Woman/Melinda Styles
Soundtrack/Isa Suarez
Narrator/Duncan Reekie

Special thanks to Duncan and Katherine Reekie

Let us recall the names of these imaginary beings of angelic nature whom my pen, during the second canto, has drawn from a brain brilliant with a radiance emanating from themselves. They die stillborn, like sparks whose rapid obliteration the eye can scarcely trace, upon the burnt paper. Leman!... Lohengrin!... Lombano!... Holzer! ... for one instant, covered again with the insignia of youth, you appeared on my charmed horizon.

But I let you fall back like diving-bells into chaos. You shall leave it never more. For me it is enough to have retained the memory of you. You must make room for other substances, less beautiful perhaps, and spawned by the stormy excesses of a love that has resolved not to slake its thirst anywhere near the human race. A ravenous love that would devour itself did it not seek nourishment in celestial fictions: creating, in time, a pyramid of seraphim more numerous than insects swarming within a drop of water, it will intertwine them into an ellipse which it will cause to whirl around itself.


colette rouhier

Colette left Cape Town, South Africa, years ago and now lives with her husband and daughter in London making short films and working as a web designer. After graduating from film school in 1991, she joined the newly formed Exploding Cinema and was chief driver on many of the Exploding Cinema tours. More importantly, she can thread a projector! She particularly enjoys the role of MC whenever she gets a shot at it and is now running her own film nights in Forest Hill/Sydenham. She was also central in setting up the Volcano Film Festival which has enjoyed a fair amount of support and strives to maintain a curatorially free film festival. Since joining Exploding Cinema she has enjoyed working with Super 8 format and worked collaboratively with the Laban Dance Centre on a dance with film project called 'Twisted Petticoat'.

Other films include:

Lady Rescue
London No Wave
Sea Creatures
Hugo Boss by Anna Rexia
Je T'aime Boy
Voodoo Bunny
Housewife's Choice
Not So Soft Machine (made with Kerri Sharp)

Like many of the Exploders, she has shown films across Europe, in the States and Japan. She also put together the video compilation Vacuum, a sampler of Exploding Cinema films.