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Maldoror/Colin Havard
Angel/Judith Forecast
Devil/Person on Bridge/Helene Corr
Peasant Woman/Peggy Kennedy
Devils Victim/Sarah Knight

0 lamp with silver burner, companion of the cathedral dome, my eyes catch sight of you in mid-air, and seek the reason for this suspension. They say that during the night your rays illumine the rabble -those who come to worship the Almighty-and that you show the repentant the path to the altar. - but . . . need you render such services to those to whom you owe nothing? Leave the columns of the basilicas plunged in darkness, and whenever a tempest blast upon which, borne in space, the devil whirls, bursts with him into the holy place - spreading terror - instead of your struggling bravely against the prince of evil's foul squall, extinguish yourself suddenly beneath his feverish breath so that, unseen, he can select his victims from the kneeling believers. If you do this, you know I shall owe all my happiness to you. While you are shining thus, shedding your blurred but adequate beams, I dare not respond to the promptings of my nature, and stay staring through the half-open portals at those in the Lord's bosom, who escape my vengeance.


Born in Australia, she came to London on a holiday and stayed for 22 years. She did a fine art degree in Wales specialising in film and then moved to London, got a studio and made sculptures.

She joined the Exploding Cinema in time for its big Lido event back in 1993 where she put her film and sulptural practice to work using super 8 loops, photographs and sound creating one of the several popular installations in the changing rooms. She has since continued to be a member of the Exploding and is often the inspiration behind the decor which makes the Exploding Cinema events such a visual groove.

Caroline has shown work across Europe and like the other Exploders, survived the two harrowing European tours..

Her films thus far:

OAP (found footage)
Bogo Planet
Nature Boy
Pride Brides
I love Bees
Needs Must!
goo goo muck
Eat All
Moments of Misery
Song of the Shirt
Belling goes Boing