2002, November, 16, 6p.m.

YAMA OF BABEL the land-art project in progress

diggers: Igor Johanson, Marina Pertchikhina
observer: Kumi Sasaki

Yama of Babel is located on edge of the hill over the Pleshcheevo lake.
(Pereyaslavl-Zalesskiy, Yaroslavl prefecture)

Outline. July 2001.
Spiral relief and counter relief were twisted at the different angles to the fieldıs surface. The center of the object looks like Chinese sign "Yin-Yang" displaced vertically.


Every year counter relief gets deeper for 15 - 20cm. Soil taken out from it make the relief higher for the same15 - 20cm. Yama of Babel is self-sufficient object, which doesnıt need any other materials to be constructed. Everything made without any machine only with spade and rake.
The project is supposed to continue for 25 years in accordance with expected life activity of the authors. Final high of the Mountain must be equal to the depth of the Pit. The whole length of the object by vertical must be about 7-8 meters.
Yama of Babel is the androgen object gathering inside monument and grave.

In order to keep communication with the outer world this centripetal "universe for the two" needs the third - observer.

Comments of observer.
The tower is invisible but it does exist. It grows higher and deeper.
I was told that when you climb up to the top or go down to the bottom and return, you would meet someone who looks like yourself face to face, somewhere on the way to back
Iım not sure about this story, but you may try... K.S.
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