Mikhail Pogarsky


Opening - 20.06.02 at 18-00 Closing - 22.06.02 at 17-00

The common idea of composing “In Vino Veritas” is allegory of the myth of abundance. The composite parts of the group are:

In Vino Veritas: 2002 (artistic incarnation by N.Kulikov). An object-“fountaintatium”. The central part of the exhibition. The Valley of the Wine Geysers. The work possesses certain meditative qualities, leading beyond the borders of reality, and is characteristised by elements of applied decorative art.

“WineVodka” clock: 2000 (performed by L.Smirnov) promote the measuring of another time.

A Vodka tower: 1998 an object-mechanism from the series Journey into Alcohol.

The Dungeon of “Al-Cohol”: 1998 an object-construction from the series Journey into alcohol. Cultural structures of the mythological people called “WineVodkaPeople”.

Fuel of navigators: 1997 (label design by E.Strelkov) an object-procedure elevates into the top layers of atmosphere and helps to withstand the lack of oxygen in the heights and polar areas.

Art group “In Vino Veritas” was created between 1997 and 2002. Several provincial parts of the group participated in various exhibitions and projects such as: Numerous presentations of the almanac “Dirigible”, which occurred in the same period of time in Moscow and Nizhni Novgorod, Art-Saloon (Moscow, Manege exhibition hall, 1998), Spring prolegomens (Village of Drakino, May 1998), exhibition «Bottle» (1999, Shuya-Paleh, Ivanovskii district), The Mail of equinox (2001, Krasnogorsk).