Natalia Maly

The Circle of Returns
video installation
20.04.2 - 03.05.02

Andrey and Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov

Human existence is inscribed into a countless number of cycles that endlessly overlap and intersect with each other. In our daily lives everything around us seems to be linear in its nature having a single point of origin and a single end point that is intrinsically different from the former. But behind the apparent diversity and uniqueness we can see the Eternal Return to the Beginning gleaming through.

The Video Cycle that consists of three parts will be presented by means of three video monitors placed in a circle. At the same time each monitor is the site of a circle of eternally repeating magical actions: abstract hands manipulating various objects. Video images expose Eternity - endles{ recurrence and return - hidden in intrinsically ordinary and commonplace phenomena. However, this show of cycles and their tedious absurdity also reveals the irresistible charm of daily live and human will to survive. Thus human existence gets inscribed into giant cycles of Nature and the Universe