The House of Detention is an underground prison in Clerkenwell, London.   It was built in the early 17th century and remained in continuous use until the early 20th century. In its time it housed many of London's most notorious felons.

Luna Nera presented " @ The House of Detention" in July 1999. Together with six guest artists, they created a variety of mixed media works throughout the subterranean chambers. On three evenings they presented a number of performances by London's most innovative performance artists, including the Steel Cello, Marissa Carnesky and Natasha Mayran.

Gillian McIver

Valentina Floris

Cos Ahmet

Sandrine Albert

Julian Ronnefeldt

David Remondo

Juana Serrat

Stelios Styllianou

Chris Singer

Camille Bensoussa



Michael Park


Also participating:

Mark Video (sound piece)
Alessandra Botticelli

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