Here we go......!

It's Laurel Anne for you all, hot off the press....(or something)

vital stats :

Born @ 11.35pm 8.4.98 St Georges Hospital Tooting (just round the corner from the Sree Krishna world beating Southern Indian Resturant) and in two hours flat!

Weighing in at chunky 8lb and everthing a fabulous birth could be, drug, hassel and interferance free, thanks to a fab midwiife and Lisa of course who was just so organized and prepared for the whole thing. She just does babies so well! I was all a dither and couldn't find the car keys but hey I was well awake by the time we arrived at the Hospital and to my great joy was able to participate and assist throughout. Thanks to Anne for coming to stay just at the right moment......

What a brilliant experience.......I cant wait to take Ruby in to meet her sister and show her what Lisa and I have been up to these past months.

OK.... here are the pics