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june 18 1999

UK Carnival

1:00pm Liverpool Street
A banner has been unfurled on the roof of the building above Liverpool St. This is a company called Walburg and Reeves. Many people are dancin and there are costumes and huge heads on sticks. The station is crowded. There are police at the perimeters of the protest but people are going in and out. The place is full of protestors, organisers and average people on the street - many wearing green hats. ....city workers are dancing !

2:00pm London Wall
Activists rang J18 to report that a police van drove at "high speed" near the crowd, estimated at about 3,000, outside number 3 London Wall, in the City, near Circus Place. Reportedly, three or four people were injured. An activist said he saw blood spilled. A second caller said there was one injured near London Wall.

At 2.02pm, outside London Wall witnesses said they saw protesters climbing on the roof of a police van. The police then drove into the crowd. One person apparently was ran over by two sets of wheels. Some panic and difficulty getting an ambulance through to the area because of the crowds. Reportedly growing hosility from the crowd. Riot police always believed present.

A second witness at Walbrook Street reported a line of mounted police who galloped off - presumably towards London Wall. There was growing hosiility between city workers and protesters outside Capital (Bank?); "Bank workers seemd to be looking for agro," said a witness.

Another witness said others in the crowd, by about 2.20pm, were trying to calm the situation.

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