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june 18 1999

Business comes to a halt as activists occupy Lloyds Bank in protest at support of arms export industry

Activists scatter blood money and lock on inside Lloyds.

Die-in outside Lloyds.

Today anti-arms trade activists targeted financial institutions in theCity of London to protest at their support for the arms export trade.

Several financial institutions facilitate loans for arms export deals and provide large-scale corporate investment for arms export companies.

Lloyds is listed as one of the primary banks used by arms exportcompanies including British Aerospace, Alvis and Vickers.

British Aerospace is the largest arms export company in Europe. BAe supplies arms to trouble spots and aids repression by selling weapons totorturing states including Turkey, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. BAe hasdone business with dictators such as Suharto of Indonesia, SaddamHussein of Iraq and General Pinochet of Chile. Furthermore, Heckler andKoch, a subsidiary of BAe, has a contract to provide the facilities toproduce 500,000 assault rifles in Turkey.

Turkey, an AmnestyInternational torturing state, is currently involved in a brutalrepression of the Kurdish people.Rachel Harford of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: 'Today, we hope tolet banks and investors know that their dealings with the arms exportershave not been ignored. High Street banks provide the lifeblood for thearms export industry and, as such, they share some of the responsibilityfor a trade which causes suffering world wide.'Over the next few months, BAe will complete its delivery of Hawk ground-attack fighters to Indonesia, despite world-wide protest about humanrights abuses in Indonesia, East Timor, West Papua and Aceh.

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