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june 18 1999

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FINANCIAL TIMES - Saturday 19th June 1999

Demonstrators campaigning against the international arms trade entered a branch of Lloyds TSB bank in Cheapside and chained themselves inside.

The bank said about 10 demonstrators had spent just over three hours in the building before leaving. 'It is obviously disruptive to both customers and staff' said Lloyds TSB. 'I think any customers who tried to get into that branch would have turned around to go to another one'.

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - EDITORIAL - Saturday 19th June 1999

" But those taking part in the demonstration, whether criminal or orderly, are the beneficiaries of capitalism. The bicycles of Reclaim the Streets and Critical Mass which are used to obstruct ordinary traffic are its products;"

THE SUNDAY TIMES - INSIGHT - Sunday 20th June 1999
Article headline: Protestors 'paid' to riot in the City

"Two claimed to be students from Nottingham University. They told traders at the Liffe exchange: ' we were asked if we wanted to come down to a protest. We were paid 30 each, given a free bus ride down and provided with a" wait for it " packed lunch.'"

SUNDAY BUSINESS - COMMENT - Sunday 20th June 1999

"If they think Britain is awful, they should try putting up with what the Kosovo Albanians have had to suffer"

not really deserving a reply but here's one anyway - And that was just the point to J18 - it was an international campaign around global issues, and the way a small powerful elite can destroy the lives of millions for the sake of their own self serving narrow interests. Peoples from both the advanced capitalist regions and developing countries joined together under a common cause protesting at the erosion of human rights and destruction of our environment in the name of global profit. London was but one out of over 70 cities with protests occurring around the same issue on the same day, J18 and coinciding with the G8 Summit.

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