Glasgow will be playing it's part in the action on June 18th.

The Scottish Resistance against the global economy will be taking place at the same time as others in over 30 countries across the world.

It is time to recognise that the global capitalist economy lies at the root of many of the woes facing us today: War, systematic ecological destruction, poverty and starvation of large parts of humanity, global exploitation of workers and peasants, mass maltreatment and killing of animals... the list is endless. Globalisation, Neoliberalism, the Free Market - whatever its new names and attributes, capitalism has always been inherintely flawed: it reduces people and a beautifully rich and natural world to just one dimension - the one that increses profits. This is neither natural nor necessary.

A new world is possible. A global movement is rising - people are reclaiming control of their lives. Coinciding with the G8 summit of the richest states in Cologne, Germany, people around the world are taking simultaneous action in financial and banking centres. We can create a different world: has it ever been so necessary?

Meet on Friday the 18th of June (of course) at 1pm. The venues for the meeting places are at Subway stations throughout the city.

St. Enochs - City centre
Kelvinbridge - West end
Kinning park - South side

Bring yourself, drums, attitude and party.

A new world..... Has it ever been so necessary?


june 18th video