I/O/D 4: 'The Web Stalker'

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Link to 'Wired .com' : Experimental Browser Maps Web's Words (09/12/97) or to (a copy on our site)

Link to 'Telepolis' : Lang lebe der Web-Stalker! by Armin Medosch. (25.11.97)

Link to 'BBC Word Service' 'Soundbytes' for Real Audio radio interview. (Find it 1 minute into the programme...)(07.12.97)

Link to 'Cooltool.com' 'Site of the Day' (23.12.97) or to (a copy of the review on our site)

Link to Wired News "Lessons Behind Web Stalker's Sneer" (16/01/98)

Or to (a copy on our site)

Follow a thread to Wired's review of "The Culture of Interactivity" at New York's Rockefeller University. (16/01/98)

Review from 'Rhizome' New Interfaces, New Softwares, New Networks (15/01/98)

Review from 'Technofile' in 'The Independent on Sunday' "Fog in channel, continent isolated" by Marek Kohn (18/01/98)

Review from 'Heise Online' (09/12/97)

I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker" has been voted "Mister Net.Art". Also,check out the threaded discussion from Rhizome.18/02/98

Silver Award winner, 1998 I.D. Magazine Interactive Media Design Review. 19/02/98

Link to Software statt Brecheisen posted by Tilman Baumgaertel to Rhizome. 03/03/98

A brief mention in The Independent's 'Network+' section. 17/03/98

Nettime Interview with I/O/D by Geert Lovink. 28/04/98

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