Browser2 book questionnaire

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q) Please credit all designers and programmers who worked on the site:
a) I/O/D

q) What is the concept behind the site?
a) I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker was made because we'd had enough of glib design. No more graphic design for paper pasted over the monitor. Get access to the networks

q) Which software was used to create it?
a) Macromedia Director

q) What single thing would most improve the web from the creative/design point of view?
a) The realisation that the most important aspects of the web are not the pixel-shallow offerings clogging up the shelves of bookshops.

q) What is the future of the website in terms of design?
a) Java enhanced drop-shadow plug-ins with client-side interoperability for point-of-sale ubiquity

q) What will be the next big design trend in websites?
a) Live execution of 'creatives' on CU-SeeMe

q) Please name your five current favourite websites: