"the inventory of the streets is inexhaustible"
Walter Benjamin.

Although we are not new we are fiercely sociological. Our material has been collected from the four corners of the floating city, and no object, text, picture has been held in higher esteem than the other. Inventory is like a net, cast it into the sea and you are sure to catch some kind of fish; anthropology, fine arts, history, genealogy, (sexual) politics, eroticism, fashions, popular culture1 militaria, laughter and erring. The urgency of a correct classification of things has meant that Inventory had to come about. An expedient measure, which upon its dissemination shall prove to its readers things that we, the authors, cannot even guess at. New constellations, subjects, themes at once contradictory and apposite, coming into direct collision with one another, flattering themselves, entering into secret discourses, leaving residues and traces never before detected - NEVER BEFORE SOUGHT.

Inventory is a means of writing, recording, reclassifying and cataloguing the social material life that exists around us. This is our goal, to take measures that bring about a cataract where hierarchical distinctions between things, between their values, becomes impossible, indeed, POINTLESS. We choose to dispense with traditional epistemological thinking by playing with category and convention, a space flexible enough for an endless interplay of differences, coincidences and connections, NOT HOMO SAPIENS BUT HOMO LUDENS! We are at the disposal of the eclectic and the specialist alike. But better, much better, the schizophrenic who, through his ever changing speciality betrays an eclecticism unknown even to himself, revealing hidden agendas of unquantifiable depth or shallowness, of indeterminable duration, knowing only that the hierarchy of knowledges, facts, statistics ... truths should be resisted and that all objects, all things can be rendered to analysis beneath the passionately objective gaze of this, our fierce sociology.

1. For a Sociology	- Vol.1 No.1
2. Predictive Nostagia	- Vol.1 No.2
3. I Kingsland Passage	- Vol.1 No.3
4. Orpheus Street	- Vol.2 No.1