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©hayvend This symbol indicates that that artists page has a link to hayvend radio and audio files in that section

©hayvend This symbol denotes that an artist has also contributed work for the pilot project of Sweetime. Work is vended in plastic capsules in sweet machines. More info soon and links to a new site documenting this work

©hayvend This symbol indicates that an artists has had press coverage regarding their work in Hayvend

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Abdy Ian Best Wishes Card
Adams Grace
Aitchison Martha
Akanni Tolu
Allen Alexis inspired
Avril Mike

Baldwin Didi
Barrell Anne
Barrett Steven "make believe" badge
Bartram Angela
Baty Nicholas Desirable object 6 and 7
Ben Zenas Helena
Bennett Julie
Benson Amanda
Bingham Christopher ©hayvend
Blair David
Blair Thaddeus
Boddington Sophie
Bosch Christoph Madico
Branca Luke this box only 99p
Braun Maj
Brawn Liz
Brook Chris "wren" ©hayvend
Brown Elaine
Brown Lucy ©hayvend
Budde Lela a space-time unity
Bursnell Jemma
Bunting Heath [tribute]
Bush Tracy

Chan Eve easy going
Chauda Meera
Chiandetti Marco
Chowdhury Semonara
Church Smith Annabel ©hayvend
Church Smith Annabel ©hayvend
Clark Susie
Clarkson Judy
Clawly Alison
Claxton Ruth ©hayvend
Coates Amanda a box of thoughts
Cocic Vul
Cockburn Julie
Collins Patricia
Coleman Les
Conner Grace
Cooper Gillian
Copsey Michael
Couch Amanda
Crofts Lois Deborah
Crol Vanessa stick to my friends
Cultural Terrorist Agency ©hayvend
Currell Suzy
Cutler Sally
Cutts Susan

Daly Samantha silly dress
Dance Hazel
Dargan John
Davey Sam
Davy Lesley "lost soles"
Davies Jason
Della Fiora David [Field Study]
Draper Andrea ©hayvend
Nikki Donovan just about everything ©hayvend
Dumitriu Anna

Eastwood Corrina man bloke gentleman gay male
Evens C

Fallows Tim
Farley Kate vista
Ferrucci Kate carry with you everywhere
Feuer Zach
Frank Roger
Flood Alexandra
Frederiksen Maria become part of the experience ©hayvend
Fuller Jess

Gabbé Sasha interaction between nature and culture
Gammon Lee
Gasson Clare
Gibbs Ella
Goldsmith Derek paint box ©hayvend
Grant & Gill
Gretton Keith
Griffiths Sharon Limited Fantasy Products ©hayvend
Gubb S.Mark

Hallas Beatty
Hamilton Alexander
Hannah James nudes paper
Hanson Tod
Harding & Hayes letter 1
Harding & Hayes letter 2
Harris Dominic
Harris Kirsty contemporary art dealing with bodies
Harris Kirsty work on paper
Harris Steven
Hartley Paul
Hayes Jessica ©hayvend
Hayward Antonieta my country my landscape
Hayward John
Hayward Louise ©hayvend
Haze Harry
Helson Christopher
Hewitson Eric
Hinrichsen Rosie bracelets
Hipkin Ashley
Hippe Susan specialising in drawing/mxied media
Hogan Matthew concerned with elitism and power hayvend
Holles Anneliese
Holmes Charlie
Holme Adrian
Hopkinson David
Hurd Karen

Jackson Julie
Jardine Bob
Jaycock Carl
Jones Jasmine Screen printed porcelain ©hayvend
Junk Jane

Karahalios Andrea
Karapanou Eva
Kenny Chris
Kent Chris Anne
Knorpp Barbara

La Nave Francesca
Lancaster James
Leff Jessa
Leigh Micheal ©hayvend
Levene Ruth uncensored ©hayvend
Light Dee
Linton Dee
Livingstone Rachel
Lockley Andy design new society emotive real
Lois ©hayvend
Long Denny
Lovejoy Anne

Maestini Carine
Maggs Russell modern society
Mahoney Clare R
Mc Keran David
McDermid Katherine
McGregor Sarah Jane ©hayvend
Mehra Jennifer
Mellings Jenny "24 Absences" film still foldout
Melvin Johanna
Moore Julia
Mosley Emerald K
Munro-Peeples Neal later day saint matches ©hayvend
Mumberson Stephen "Dog" wood engraving printwork ©hayvend
McPherson Steve "Biblio­wrack" 1999

Noble Jason
Nolan Irene ©hayvend

Owen Pete stained glass window
Owen Pete love and work
Owen Pete drawings

P Chris
Parfitt Sean contemporary art products to disappoint
Pawson Mark
Porter Pam
Poulter Simon
Peckham John Marc

Ramirez Rachel
Rathje Elisa ©hayvend
Reynolds Adam
Rilliet Nicolas
Rilliet Nicolas new work
Roberts Miss i've got dirty nails
Robins Freddie
Robins Sallie
Robinson Leonora
Rod Franciose
Rooney Paul ©hayvend

Savage Jennie messges in small bottles
Schmidt Christiane
Schröder Andrea ©hayvend
Scott Wendy
Sedrich Leona
Sherred Gypsy
Shaw Adrian on a battered old 4-track ©hayvend
Shirley Rosie greetings from... Ben and Nelson
Sinclair Frankie
Smith Angela fetish #1
Smith Daniel
SR art sans frontieres ©hayvend
Stoloff Alexandre
Stone Deborah fragments series II 2000
Sugimori Koichiro it's pop ancient and Steps
Sykes Theo

Tarbutt Louise Diverse, Humorous, Dream-like, fun, Beautiful
Taylor Neil
Taylor S
Therapy Art
Tindale Claire how to squeeze a lemon
Toma Yoko
Tough Rebecca the repulsive is often seductive
Tough Rebecca hairslide
Tyszko Simon

Verdi Raj juxtapositioning displaced objects
Vilela Vanda

Wale Deborah
Walpole Sarah locked compartments of feelings
Ward Anthony
Webber Emily
Weef when smoking was cool
White Adele
Whittle Amanda
Willey Ian
Williamson Ramsey victim of adult lego
Wilkinson Mandy balloons over skyline