This is the Board after we put it up on the first day, 11th may 1998. My friend Anna helped me. The Board came from an old school in Stoke Newington.
thank you for visiting this site, it's still under constuction.
If you came to the open studio at Bow Arts Trust, thanks for comeing.
sorry if you visited this url before I put it up, do come back later when I've finished

best regards

john hayward

"never knowingly understood"

   :+.     .DX                                                    XC
   1$;      S8                                                    :S;
   1$:      +8                                                     ==
   =%.      I8                                                     .C
   X4       ~S                                                      ==
  .8C11+XX1=88                                                      .8-
   D1-:.    CS     -+11+=XXI:.                                       ;4
   8        1S     -III~~~I+C4OSXI;                                   4;
  .8        -D                 :~XSDD4X1-::::::::.                    C1
  .8        .%;                     .-~1=XXHAYWARDCC444S4C==1II-;::;-ISX
   D         CO                                           :;~1==XS4==+~.
   D-        -$I
   =1         CD: