I would like to take some time to introduce you to my friend Mark Newton. Even though I've only known him for a short time would consider him to be a good friend of mine.

He's one of those extra ordinary types who is always doing something creative and constructive. Be it skating, drawing, painting, writing or just talking. I tend to have the best conversations with him. He inspires me in so many different ways. He asks me questions and he's not afraid to try something new. He'll be one of the first to support your own ideas and plans. I'm the type of person who has many crazy ideas and Mark is often right there to say yeah, do it or come I'll join you, let's go. He's a good asset to have around. When we are out skating he has this natural energy which rub's off on all around. We are always on the hunt to find new spots to skate. Every other day he'll say 'have you seen that bank to wall or have you seen that handrail. We often just skate the hill near our home, going fast, carving and hitting the traffic islands. He skates for fun, we skate for fun, I look forward to days when we can skate together.

He is a true street skater with his big ol' board and his 65mm wheels, he's unstoppable.

Now his paintings are something else. They're amazing, they're so on the mark. I can't even begin to explain, you should see for yourself. He has just had a show at Freuds in London's Covent Garden and soon to be having more shows in London.
You should check out Good and Mukatsuku for the details. I guess that's what I wanted to say, so if you see him out skating, say hello, he's a friend worth having.