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is LIVE and ONLINE infotainment
A project to debate, s(t)imulate and create connections between the body, culture and technology

shinkansen/backspace are currently working on the development of a 3 year project for the millennium on the theme 'FUTURE PHYSICAL', exploring the changing interface between the body and technology. This will take the form of a multi layered programme of sound, movement and live art activities. These include both live and on line performances, special commissions, installations, discussions, chat rooms, webevents and interactions at different places and spaces across Europe.

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The organisers of Future Physical areshinkansen and backspace - London, Forum Danca - Lisbon,
and de Theatre Wien - Vienna.
We are currently applying for funds to enable this context.
We are also interested in partners for presentations, commissions and for local discussion nodes.

"You can't predict the future but you can prepare for it"

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