Soundpostcards from Berlin - a subwayride with 6 stations

Theme is Berlin as an urban space, exspecially the perception on the street / in movement. The project is an interactive collage of sounds and photographs taken on the street, as well as some quotations from movies related to Berlin.

It starts with the cyclic subway, which has 6 stations where you can get out to explore them. The sound has a more important function then the graphics. Up to 7 sounds can be controlled by the user simultaneously.

one subwaystop

Follow this way if you want to test one of the subwaystops online.
You will need shockwave to view it. The file has 358k.

Free for downloading!

icon Mac version 3.7MB (use StuffIt-Expander to install; hqx-file)
System requirements:
68030, 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.1, 4MB RAM, 256 colors, 3MB free on harddisk

icon Windows version 3MB
System requirements:
386 or higher, Windows 3.11, 4MB RAM free, 8bit graphics- and 8bit soundcard (SB compatible), 3MB free on harddisk

A project by eyeyou

The concept was developed in teamwork.

Design & Photography: Mina Hagedorn
Sound: Matthias Spreen
Programming: Luciana Gavini, Ravin Metha
3D-Modelling: Constantin Rahn
Idea & Directing: Mina Hagedorn

Special thanks for creative support to Antenne Springborn and Nina Wilken.

Thanx for providing to Backspace