The idea

eyeyou is a group which makes independent projects
on floppy discs and for free download on the net.

The group has no fixed structure but is
projectbased with changing teammembers.

Projects - for free!

Male Strip Show

8 games - all playable by 2 players - are arranged around the central stage on which the showmaster appears. After each game won the showmaster strips until he is as naked as Jim created him.

You can
download the games for mac and dos. There's also a shockwaved game for a sneak preview on the site.

a project by Jim Avignon and eyeyou screenshot

Soundpostcards from Berlin
a subwayride with 6 stations

Theme is Berlin as an urban space, exspecially the perception on the street / in movement. The project is an an interactive collage of sounds and photographs taken on the street, as well as some quotations from movies related to Berlin.

You can
download the application for mac and dos. There's also one shockwaved subwaystop for a sneak preview on the site.


the secret beat of cruisng in plasma


Dag and eyeyou present a genetic field test with musical cells.

12 metropolitan amoeba are the material for an accustic-biologic experiment. In a digital tube the user can initiate the reproduction and simultaneusly generate an urban soundtrack. But the cells have their pecularities: phlegmatic, chatty, or simply complicated, they have their preferences as to whom they wish to mate with.

You can
download the application for mac and dos.


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