dagtolyse - the secret beat of cruising in plasma


Dag and eyeyou present a genetic field test with musical cells.

12 metropolitan amoeba are the material for an accustic-biologic experiment. In a digital tube the user can initiate the reproduction and simultaneusly generate an urban soundtrack. But the cells have their pecularities: phlegmatic, chatty, or simply complicated, they have their preferences as to whom they wish to mate with.






Mac version 2.7MB (hqx-file)

System requirements: 68030, 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.1, 4MB RAM, 256 colors, 3MB free on harddisk


Windows version 1.9 MB (zip-file)

System requirements: 386 or higher, Windows 3.11, 4MB RAM free, 8bit graphics- and 8bit soundcard (SB compatible), 3MB free on harddisk



A project by eyeyou and Dag.

The concept was developed by the whole team.

Artwork: Dag
Mina Hagedorn
Sound: Matthias Spreen
Luciana Gavini, Ravin Metha
Holger Castritius
Directing: Mina Hagedorn

Special thanks to Stefan Heeke, Claudius Lazzeroni and Markus Kempken