Featuring characters created by the legendary Jim Avignon Studios and eyeyou, an all action technicolour tale incorporating a myriad of gameplay possibilities, that will scroll, rotate and propel you through the wonderful world of Berlin's craziest 1-man avantgarde. It's a blur in blue, a blaze of action. You won't believe it until you see it and when you play you won't stop.

Follow this way if you want to test one of the games online. You will need shockwave to view it. The game has 86k.

If you want to see more great projects of eyeyou follow that way.

8 games in 1 - free for downloading!!!

Mac version 1.7 MB (use StuffIt-Expander to install; hqx-file)
System requirements:
68030, 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.1, 4MB RAM, 256 colors, 3MB free on harddisk

Windows version 1.5 M B
System requirements:
386 or higher, Windows 3.11, 4MB RAM free, 8bit graphics- and 8 bit soundcard (SB compatible), 3MB free on harddisk


A project by eyeyou and Jim Avignon

Pictures Sound: Jim Avignon

Concept Realisation:

Mina Hagedorn and Antenne Springborn

Programming: Didier Roy

Sound Editing: Matthias Spreen

Directing: Mina Hagedorn

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