Arts Policy Statement by the Arts in Action Unit
The London Borough of Cramley has long recognised the importance of the arts to society in general and to the local community in particular. It has worked on creating an arts infrastructure which will draw in and cater for the very best talent across a wide range of artistic practice.

Our first major innovation was the introduction of a 75% reduction in the community charge (local government tax) to all resident artists holding the Cramley Artistic Licence. This initiative resulted in the establishment of a "critical mass" of artists residing within the borough.

The establishment of the Arts in Action Unit seeks to direct and facilitate the unprecedented concentration of raw talent within our borders.

Both of these initiatives will be consolidated within the Gallerama project, which is due to open in 2001. Architects Hoot and Tootly are already at an advanced stage of planning this project. The Gallerama will be the site of the first Cramley Biennale which seeks to draw an international roster of over 300 artists.

The AIAU is currently engaged in soliciting a number of projects and welcomes responses and new proposals from artists all over the world. It is with open arms, and with the belief that art has the capacity to unite the peoples of all nations, that the community of Cramley now conjoins with the vast global community.

Juliette Tidyman
Principal Visual Arts Officer
Arts In Action Unit.

Arts in Action is a new initiative launched by Cramley Council in a bid to become Europe premiere centre for the visual arts by the year 2005.
At the launch in the Prometheus theatre in July 1996 Alderman Gosoftly reiterated the borough's commitment to the visual arts, which she described as "a growing sector".

"The visual arts have seen a boom over the last ten years with more and more people describing themselves as artists. We want to be the first council in London to encourage this activity and to bring it under the municipal wing where it had enjoyed so much support in the past. The Arts in Action team will coordinate a whole range of events and projects which will encourage more artists to live and work in the borough and more artistic activity in the build up to the first Cramley Bienniale, which is slated to coincide with the opening of the Cramley Gallerama in 2005."

"These initiatives" said Juliette Tidyman the Arts In Action Principal Visual Arts Officer, "will include 75% dispensation on community tax charges to all holders of the new Cramley Artistic Licence".

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