To all expectant artists and artists who have recently given birth,

Commissions: Mural

Cramley's Arts in Action Unit are currently researching the possibility of creating a mural on the interior wall of the concourse on the mezzanine wall of the south side of the Prometheus Theatre. As you may know this leads to the crèche facility. The project has the working title of "the enduring miracle of birth". The project will be lead by Jesus-Baptiste Marquez (who was second assistant to Diego Rivera in the 1940's). Signor Marquez, in collaboration with the AIAU, are currently soliciting "feedback" from artists who have recently become mothers with a view to incorporating these collective experiences into a pictorial overview. The feedback sessions will take the form of seminars which will be taped and worked up into pictorial representations by Signor Marquez and members of the AIAU.

The overall project hopes to push back the boundaries of contemporary art practice whilst at the same time be of relevance to the community.

For more information on this project please don't hesitate, e-mail or write to us.

Yours sincerely
Juliette Tidyman
Juliette Tidyman
Principal Visual Arts Officer
Arts In Action Unit.

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