Dear Artist,

Commissions: Urban Renewal

The Roads department of the London Borough of Cramley are currently instituting a "Sleeping Policeman" program.

The borough experiences congestion, particularly at the intersection of Steward Street and Cramley High Street. To avoid this many motorists are using the subsidiary streets to the east of Cramley High Street as a "Feed Through". This causes considerable inconvenience to the residents of these streets, and the council are hoping to encourage motorists to join Portillo Road at the new Braxley roundabout to the north. (Please see map below).

road map
The Arts in Action Unit will be commissioning an artist (or artists) who can help solve this problem in a practical, inexpensive and aesthetic manner. The brief will be to alleviate the overload at the junction of Cramley High Street and Steward Street whilst at the same time producing a work of art which is cutting edge and challenging.

If you require any further information on this project please don't hesitate to call the Unit, e-mail or write to us.

Yours sincerely
Juliette Tidyman
Juliette Tidyman
Principal Visual Arts Officer
Arts In Action Unit.

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