Artists of the world,

Commissions: Multi Media

I am writing in advance of the first Cramley Biennale which will be taking place in April 2005 (and every second year subsequently).

We hope that it will prove to be the largest visual arts festival in the UK. By then the construction of the Gallerama will be completed and to celebrate its opening we hope to play host to over five thousand visual artists from around the world.

The Arts In Action Unit is currently "brain storming"; soliciting proposals and speculations for interventions which will take place in the Cramley area during the time of the Biennale. Both Alderman Tavistock, who heads this aspect of the Biennale's preparation, and myself are keen that this part of the overall program should be both "artist led" and democratically representative. To this end we are putting together a forum comprising artists and councillors who will select a proportion of the proposals which will then be exhibited . Cramley residence can then vote on the works of art they would wish to see realised. We hope that the end product would reflect the pluralism of artistic practice within the borough.

The fields of artistic activity are:

  • film and video
  • site specific
  • mural
  • vision
  • installation
  • sound
  • billboard
  • feeling

If you require any further information on this matter (or wish to be considered as a forum member) please don't hesitate to call the AIAU, e-mail or write to us.

Yours sincerely
Juliette Tidyman
Juliette Tidyman
Principal Visual Arts Officer
Arts In Action Unit.

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