DMS - PhreakZone

BillSF's Hitch Hikers Guide to the Phone System
Mickey Mouse Club Guide to Beige Boxing
Guru Josh's Euro Blue Boxing File
Cellular Phreaking by Bootlegger from 1986 !!!!

BT Basics by Pharlin J. Hack
BT Home Country Directs (find those C5's!)
BlueBox Plans (in spanish ?)
UK MF2 Signalling system
Freephone number scans
UK Exchange info - from UK Telecom FAQ
UK Payphone Commands - [link] Courtesy of hackHull.

One of the best guides to the UK phone system available. Period. BIG respect to MED.
UK Phone Guide Part I - MED masterwork
UK Phone Guide Part II - more deeptech
BT Internal Voice Mail - for users and abusers
UK Red Boxing Info - from Zeno
BT Phreaking Update - by Static Crash. A concise guide to UK Phreaking.

Destructive Jungle Back from the (void), Killer inph0.

Attaching a modem to a cellfone
UK ESN/MIN Grabbing by DaveX
Cellular Phreaks and Code Dudes by Wired, but still good.
The Motorola Bible If it's analogue and Motorola you'll want this.

GSM Overview [CA] Technical info on GSM network
UK Payphone guide [UK] Basic reference on UK payphones
P. Strangman's Page [UK] Useful telecom info
UK Telecom FAQ [UK] Telephony info
UK Phreaking Resources [UK] by Inphinity - one of the best UK phreak sites
Cracking GSM Security [UK] with the ever cool Ross Anderson
Linenoise [US] Great resource, with good cell stuff too.
Pyro Teknik's H/P Web Pages [UK] one of the best phreaking sites.
Man Eats Dog [UK] Here's the other one.
Light Straw BT Exchange Guide [UK] Wow. Serious telecoms info.

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