This site has grown from a series of discussion groups that have been curated by London based sound & movement,research & production unit shinkansen, held at Backspace Internet creation Bureau and funded by the Arts Council of England. We have now expanded this temporal and spatial based project into the virtual realm and intend to create a hyper-text, research-learning tool & communication centre, thus over coming the limitations of time & space, for artist's and creatives whether they know they are or not.
Welcome to the Connectivity on-line forum, enabling communication between arts, culture, technology and social theorists and practitioners.
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This is a dynamic site which will evolve through input via the discussion group series & the texts generated from these, but many areas rely on individual user input -
so come on & participate, have your say.

Please remember this site will always mutate and expand, not all functions or areas will be available on the above menu immediately or the full range of information, so delve in to revel in the deep knowledge & keep coming back, checking it out and giving us your comments.

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