new projects

Luna Nera "The Derelict Sensation"
site specific art in a former grand hotel

London 1 & 2 November

Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras, London.
curated by Gillian McIver and Pangaea

dada festivalZurich

evil art London

St Petersburg

Luna Nera created new Live Art installation projects for the Festival of Dada (DADA Festwochen) Sihlpapier Fabrik, Zurich.

Luna Nera in collaboration with suborg made a "cathedral of light" in the former church 291 gallery - immersive video and sound show featuring club of rome, z black oodle and gobsausage

Manege Central Exhibition Hall
26-7 July Site-specific project for "St Petersburg 300 Years."



February 2003.

March 2003

July - August 2003

Projects 2000

BackUp, Weimar

Kunstfabrik, Berlin

Projects in Russia

1 Dunn Street

The Clerkenwell Festival

Recent Projects

Luna Nera participated in the BackUp Festival Loungelab sponsored by the Bauhaus University, Weimar.


Major art festival on former industrial landscape in Berlin



Luna Nera participated in several projects in Russia, including the Moscow Art Fair 2001

The first Luna Nera show of the milllennium, this project was a large exhibition of site-specific installations by the Luna Nera artists, held in a former factory in East London

Luna Nera curated exhibition and performance, and exhibited their own work, in a 16th century underground prison


Recent Projects by Luna Nera artists

Nov. 2002

Sept. 2002

2000 - 2001

Jan. 2000

July 1999

2001- 2002









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