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ART-SITE - Luna Nera artist Gillian McIver's site

Dirizhable - landart group, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Spider and Mouse  - Innovative Moscow artist-run gallery Spider and Mouse

KŁnstlergruppe TRO - Berlin art group working in old factories

Year 01 - Canada-based forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice and digital culture through on-line critical reviews, essays and news - online art magazine by Joel Cahen and 77

Jon Fawcett - "Invigoration and Disturbance" London-based performance artist Jon Fawcett

Lennie Lee - Website of London artist Lennie Lee

Ovo Nero - Argentinian artist group Ovo Nero

Teleportacia - The best net art

Sam Stork - Website of light-installation artist Sam Stork

ARTS ELECTRIC - A worldwide calendar for new music and media art

IKARUS / Parziphal - Weimar based live artist/designers

NOVOSIBIRSK VIDEO - video art by Siberian artist Dmitry Bulnygin

The Derelict Sensation - are you as fascinated by derelict buildings as Luna Nera is? Then check out this website of artists, writers and fil-mmakers exploring abandoned space. Article

DIJGITAL RIOT Sound makers from Weimar, Germany

SUBORG - London-based group "aims to produce new work / sonic - visual - filmic - spacial / we broadcast / we film / we document everything / pushing the envelope / riding the expedential wave / continued research into manifold realities". . .

LAURA KAVANAUGH & IAN BIRSE - sound artists from Canada

SDNA - London-based visual productions more

FURTHERFIELD -"weB aRt, PoliTicAL aRt, pOEtrY, cRiTicAl teXt & cReatiVe FrEedOm"

FURTHERNOISE - an independent and explorative audio, archive and platform for contemporary digital noise, music, spoken word and soundscapes.

Florence Debeugny - Photographer/installation artist focusing on aspects of place, time, texture.

Critical Art Ensemble - Essential contemporary criticism, theory by NYC based collective

RANDOM ARTISTS - Random Artists organizes open-access art events in reclaimed sites in London. Online gallery.

NEWTOY London based experimental sound/art collective.

IRIS - International Centre for Women in Photography. See Luna Nera artist Sandrine Albert's work. - Montreal video, performance and multimedia artist Luc Boisclair - landart group from Italy

ATTALAKI - International Art Festival, Alexandria, Egypt

test card - Brighton artist collective

HELDEN DER ARBEIT - Berlin project featuring Luna Nera and others

Atelier of Andrey Efimov- St Petersburg painter

VARIANT - Glasgow based international arts and culture magazine

ESCAPE - Moscow artist-run space

REV LONDON Paris-London river-based art collective on boat.

eARThburg - Russian online gallery and artists database. Articles, gallery and more. Sphere artists Eugene Grinevich, Inna Grinevich and Yury Belozhersky are here.

the wierd findings of 77 - and they are weird

SNACKONART - NYC art video site: "our objective is to expose experimental trial-&-error: video-art
< by more or less established artists > beyond the boundaries of the isolated gallery walls unto the peoples' living room space ...bare naked untame motions / pictures & sounds " - Belgium-based art association working in landart

UBU.COM - UbuWeb Visual, Concrete Sound Poetry. Sound clips from all the greats from Apollinaire to Schwitters. Essential.

DRUNKEN BOAT - NYC/International online journal of the arts

DIAGRAM - high quality arts and letters webzine

Townhouse Gallery, Cairo. Contemporary Egyptian and International art space.

Exploding Cinema - London's underground film and video collective for public screening. - site dedicated to independent video arts - XL Gallery, Moscow

International Festival of Live and Experimental Art, St Petersburg - the web site of UK based Live Arts practitioner, Justin Mckeown

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