DADA FEST WOCHEN is an annual art festival of live and media art held in Zurich. Organised by prominent radical Swiss artists, the festival used to take place in the old premises of the Cabaret Voltaire. In 2003 the group moved to the huge Sihlpapierfabrik complex. This space has several buildings allowing workshops, media labs and multiple performance spaces. The three DaDa weeks saw artists from across Europe perform and exhibit installations and diverse works. As well as Luna Nera, other groups invited were Antena Theatre from Prague and Blue Noses from Siberia, along with many individual artists. In addition media-artists demonstrated their success in broadcasting the festival on pirate TV. The entire festival was artist-run, with artists acting as administrators, technicians, bar personnel and cleaners. Sponsorship was diverse but generous - from Pro Helvetia to monster secondhand empire Brockiland, who supplied all of the furnishings.

thanks to everyone at Plattenstrasse 32



Luna Nera created two live art pieces both engaging with ideas generated by the early Dada group in Zurich. In homage to this prototype art group, London-based art group Luna Nera created two live art pieces based on ideas developed by Tristan Tzara.

This work "painting machine" explores Tzara's idea of the human machine: we created a machine that takes blood from a person and pumps it into a machine which them "paints" on prepared canvases. We did it as a performance with the artists wearing medical costume. We then sold the paintings. The machine is still in operation in the Sihlpapierfabrik.

The "painting machine" is also influenced by an idea of Rousell in 1912 & never built. it stayed a concept/vision of the artist seeing artists being replaced by machines. What Rousell foresaw was our present state of existence where commercial patterns are being "invented" by machines, computers create mind boggling patterns and pets are robots. The paint machine we built is there to reflect our state of existence, of society's spiritual bankruptcy, where in this net the artist is entangled like a puppet to produce in order to please. At the same time the paint machine is not only there to represent the artist but all humans as part of a greater machine, producing in order to exist and vice versa - existing in order to produce.

Although Roussell never made the painting machine, Swiss artist Jean Tinguely used Rousell's plans to build a series of painting machines. Luna Nera took their ideas and freely mixed them in with our own macabre sensibility.

The second piece "Cut Up and Die" used Tzara's idea of cutups - both text and video. Using the "information overload" of books and newspapers, the information was fed into a food processor, which eventually erupted. Performances by Luna Nera with Milo Taylor.



Antena Theatre, Prague

Jeremy Clark, Berlin:
Atari Orchester (exhibition)

Elektra Sturmschnell and Xeno Volcano, Zurich:
Poetry Slam, Text, Music

Knarf Rellöm and DJ Patex, Zurich/Hamburg:
Music, Performance, Text

Robocross, Berlin/London:
Robot/Pyro Show

egotronic, Kassel: Music


saalschutz, Zurich: Elektro-pop-duo

Robert Weber, Berlin: Poetry, Performance

Slava Mizin & Dmitry Bulnygin, Novosibirsk: Video Artists

Roly Roos, Zurich: New Media, Sound

Klaus Filip, Wien: Big Baby Show

Monochrom, Wien: Media Art collective for Digital Happenings

Lennie Lee, London artist