Luna Nera @ Kunstfabrik
Schöneweide, Berlin

is an old Battery factory in Schöneweide, an industrial district in the southeast part of former East Berlin.The district, part of the Köpenick region of the city, was built up by AEG and features many magnificent factory spaces, halls and warehouses along the banks of the River Spree. After reunification the once-thriving district became moribund as factories closed and the area decayed. In 1997 the TRO group of artists began working in this district, creating a series of projects in old factories.

Luna Nera and artists from the TRO group (Leo Koenigsberg, Christian Glass, Enzo Perin, Denise Kluge), together with artists Andrey Efimov and Anna Ivanova (St Petersburg), Victoria Scott (Toronto), Jorge Rodriguez and Jann Vogtschmidt (Berlin), created an art-space in the factory, with an exhibition on the theme of "work?" which formed part o f the festivla "helden der arbeit? - art in old factories 07.09.02-06.10.02




"Heroes of Labour" Art Margins Hilary Powell

"Helden am Werk" Berliner Zeitung no.215 14.09.02, Marin Majica

"Vergangenheit riechen Können" Morgenpost 18.09.02 Steffi Bey

"Ein Held, wer Arbeit hat " Neues Deutschland 18.03.2002 Jack Rodriguez


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Gillian McIver

Julian Ronnefeldt

Sandrine Albert

Hilary Powell

Gil Bensmana

Mark Civil (guest artist)


Natasha Mayran made her performance "Nostalgia"
Valentina Floris also did the SPYCAM PROJECT

Video documentary Heroes of Labour by Optimistic Productions


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