"On a Clear Day"

Comic / CD Rom

32 page, Ultraluxe, Full Colour comic packed with works by all eight artists,


the entire "On a Clear Day" CD Rom featuring animation, movies and interactive artworks by all the artists

all for just

Includes postage & Packaging

Europe & US - send 12 Sterling Cheque - includes delivery

Institutions 15 UK/ 18 US Europe - Sterling cheque only

Send your cheque to:

Ultraluxe, PO Box 90, WGC, Herts, AL8 6DA, UK

For more information e-mail - johnny@ultralux.demon.co.uk

or call John on - tel/fax +44 (0)1707 390841

"On a Clear Day" © copyright 1996 Ultraluxe and John Paul Bichard

Original artwork © copyright 1996 the artists. All rights reserved.