On a Clear Day

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ultraluxe and our fantastic new project "On a Clear Day" a project that brings together 8 artists in a country-wide simultaneous exhibition(UK). If you want to know more about the basic structure of the project, go to the "Filing Cabinet"; .

On a Clear Day is a three format ultramedia project that runs across an interactive CD Rom/ deluxe comic (bookwork) and this WWW site. The CD Rom is accessible on arcade style interface units in seven public art galleries throughout England , the combined comic/ CD Rom is available from good bookshops near you (or mail order from Ultraluxe) and the web site is - well.... here. The works for the Web-site, CD Rom and bookwork were commissioned from the following contemporary artists:

Peter B.J. Anderson Fiona Banner Clio Barnard Adam Chodzko
Matthew Higgs Georgina Starr Suzy Treister Keith Tyson

Ultraluxe can be reached by e-mailing johnny@ultralux.demon.co.uk

by telephone or facsimile: +44 (0) 171 390841

or by real-mail (land, sea or sky): Ultraluxe, PO Box 90, WGC, Herts AL8 6DA, UK

correspondence should be directed to: John Paul Bichard, the project producer & curator
"On a Clear Day" ©Copyright 1996 Ultraluxe and John Paul Bichard
Original Artwork ©Copyright 1996 the Artists. All rights reserved.