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Cambridge Darkroom Gallery - First Site, Colchester - Focal Point Gallery, Southend - ICA London - John Hansard Gallery, Southampton - Middlesbrough Art Gallery - Oldham Art Gallery

Peter Boyd Joines Anderson - Fiona Banner - Clio Barnard - Adam Chodzko Matthew Higgs - Georgina Starr - Suzanne Treister - Keith Tyson

Multi-Format Digital Art Project October 17th - December 24th 1996

"On a Clear Day" brings together eight artists from a variety of disciplines ( audio, computer, video, and text-based works) in a multi-format digital exhibition curated and produced by John Paul Bichard. The show comprises a series of artworks that engage and question electronic space and our relationship to it. The backbone of the project consists of seven arcade style interface units sited simultaneously in seven major public galleries that allow ready access to the project CD Rom and provoke questions surrounding the nature of art in the infotainment age.

The eight artists have developed ideas over a period of 12 months with Bichard, resulting in a collaborative CD Rom, bookwork and WWW site. Audio, video, animation and still artworks coexist and overlap, exploring and questioning the spaces within which they exist. The resultant series of real and simulated structures offer an elegant solution to the conflict between concept and content inherant in digital works. Works on the CD are sited in and around an endless panoramic landscape, reminiscent of the classic Hollywood road movie. With a mixture of comic book styling and the psychology and spatial understanding of contemporary games culture, the artworks inhabit a relaxed, well developed environment :

from Peter Anderson's critique of language through a synthetic digitised sensory experience NOT YET

to the re-constructed relationships dis- and re-membered in the seedy atmosphere of Georgina Starr's Night Club NOT YET

the states of memory recall, nostalgia and fear, blatantly subverted in Clio Barnard's Schlock-horror B-movie clips NOT YET

the neurotic platitudes of Matthew Higgs discovered aphorisms NOT YET

the exploration of mock-virtual space in Suzy Treister's psychotic castle paradise

Keith Tyson's digital ramblings through the detritis of contemporary culture NOT YET

to Fiona Banner's text fly-over, recounting the Hollywood war movie machine and our perception of it

finally resting with Adam Chodzko's vision of God in which the viewer is invited to condense their own image of God..........NOT YET

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This web site will act as an ongoing area of development for the artists. Starting as an information resource with eight blank artist's areas, the site will increase as the artists produce their pages and then further develop their ideas.

The 32 page full colour, deluxe, comic and combined CD to accompany the show will retail at 10.00 / $20.00 and will be available from participating galleries or mail order (free P&P) from: Ultraluxe, PO Box 90, WGC, Herts AL8 6DA

The project has received Arts Council, Eastern Arts Board and Gulbenkian Foundation grants, and is being generously sponsored by Pioneer, Iiyama, True Vision, Texas Instruments, Macromedia Europe, Yamaha, Adobe UK, Global Village Communications, Umax (IMC), Calcomp (Art Systems) and Mute digitalartcritique.

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"On a Clear Day" © copyright 1996 Ultraluxe and John Paul Bichard

Original artwork © copyright 1996 the artists. All rights reserved.