In their early years Bongo Mike and Extremely Frank arrived in Macedonia as homeless wanderers and performers, and later began a long involvement with the recording of music there. The Macedonian authorities, however, never supported the Situation Art project. and were frequently suspicious of their motives, and ludicrously some people even accused them of being spies.

Other places which the travelling artists performed in made limited contributions to the advancement of Situation Art, but also did not officially support it.

In Belgium, arriving as homeless performers, they received encouragement in the early days of their legal campaign; a small amount of sponsorship to start the early vinyl products of Newspaper Records; and early publicity for Situation Art - including a feature article about the art form in the University of Leuven student magazine VETO.
But this was all before the official clampdown on spontaneous performances, launched by the authorities, which rolled across the whole country in a brutal fashion.(Ironically there appeared in 2012, long after BM and EFJ had terminated their regular busking performances in Belgium, an article in a Brussels-based internet art magazine which took a serious look at the idea of Situation Art, in the context of other cultural/political uses of the public place.)

In Germany, two brief novelty seasons of Situation Art on trains took place in 1997, with the official agreement of the NordRheinWestphalia commuter transport system. But despite this success, there was never any widespread acceptance of the art form, by those in charge of public places.