05.03.06 Spend Sunday afternoon re-animating the seminal net lounge known as backspace [1996-1999 RIP]

Please take up this open invitation for all to attend a fun thrilled afternoon of recycling metamixing and re-animation to the tune of Bankside's disney London experience our host Starbucks who now squat space once the reserve of inovators and imagineers, slackers and hackers [obsolete].

Backspace like much of the energy and enthusiasm of the time swept downstream, cleansed by the bucks and bust of regeneratown. The spirit of freenetworking and collaboration spawned by its passing lives on in the flow of activity and passion for indy media and peer oriented exchange still driving internet utility and development.

Well the churn of time may turn trumps yet at Resourceforge the latest [and prospective] venue for ongoing SPC adventure and experiment, the best of settings, an evolution of environment for tea drinkers, hive builders and code meddlers to once again relay power and light into public space fit for use.

So once the Java bite loosens, fade away with us downstream to http://dek.spc.org or cast your intoxicated eye on deptford.tv to make@spc.org once again.

.... never the same river twice'

Play with RF, people, memories, amenities, beach, street. Bring cameras, laptops, any Backspace residue ... photocopies, print outs, floppy disks, images, sounds. Bring your first HTML! the kids...