Evening Programme

Online from 7:30pm - On Stage from 8:00pm.

Tiger Lillies

Wilkie Tan and Dorian McFarland
"Black Minute Waltz" & "Something In the Way She Moves"

Bindy Clinkster

Chief Inspector Burnside

David Ellis "K2 - The Mountain"
A Performed Lecture. Music by Richard Kilgour

Alalia Chetwynd, "You are Spoiling Us"
Ferrero Rocher Ballet

Wilken Schade

London Electric Guitar Orchestra


London Electric Guitar Orchestra

Marcia Farquhar, "Always Something There To Remind Me"

Giovanna M. Casetta, "The Blood-Letting"

Robin and Estephan

Chris Hick, "Birdspotter"

Jenny Scott, " The Life Class"

Casio Keyboard Orchestra with Beat Poetry

Lily Maler

Tiger Lilies

Off Stage Performers / Works by:

Juan Carlos, Emily Druiff, Angela Hicks, Darren Johnson, Sarah Lightman, Fabrizio Manco, Elly Reid, Bella Ruhne, Judy Sirks, Amanda Walker and Simon Wood's "Portrait of a Popstar"

Stage Presenters

Wilken Schade and Dan Kennedy Martin